Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Parts washer detergent and accessories from Renegade parts washers

Renegade parts washers features detergent and accessories for every parts washer. No matter what parts washer you have, Renegade can supply you with quality detergent and soap for your parts washer.

Need accessories for your parts washer? We can supply you with anything you need, even custom accessories for your parts washer. Custom parts racks, custom electrical, custom washing methods, it's no problem for our team of parts washer experts.

Find out why we're the leader in water based parts washers, customer service, and customer support for all of our customers worldwide.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Extraordinary Service to the parts washer industry

I wanted to take a few moments to express the amazing job that our employees do every day. From parts washer construction, customer service, support, and even the front office staff, everyone gives 110% effort to their positions in order to guarantee we produce an amazing parts washer for our customers.

You would be hard pressed to find another parts washer company with this amount of pride and ethics in the workplace. Our management gives it's employees the space to be creative allowing "outside the box" ideas that pushes the company farther and farther ahead of it's competition every day.

If you're not satisfied with the parts washer company you're currently dealing with, it's because you're not utilizing the right company for the task. We've proved over and over again that we can meet the needs of our customers by delivering a quality product every time.

Renegade parts washers are simply the best!

Monday, August 16, 2010

What’s wrong with parts washer solvents?

Mineral spirits are a solvent commonly used for part cleaning because of its ability to quickly dissolve oil, grease, dirt, carbon, and heavy lubricants. Although it is effective for cleaning these mineral spirits raise significant environmental and human health concerns:

• Mineral spirits contains volatile organic compounds (VOC) that contribute to smog formation and may be toxic when inhaled.

• Mineral spirits evaporates quickly, making worker exposure difficult to control.

• Spent mineral spirits is a hazardous waste and the shop owner is responsible for proper disposal of all hazardous wastes.

• Some areas of the country have already restricted use of solvents in parts cleaning operations.

Using solvents creates unnecessary environmental, worker health, and fire liabilities for your shop. Minimize your costs and liabilities by switching to aqueous cleaning solutions like Renegade Parts Washer Supplies.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Cradle To Grave Responsibility For Solvents

The most important regulation governing hazardous waste is the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA), whose primary goals are “to protect human health and the environment from the potential hazards of waste disposal, to conserve energy and natural resources, to reduce the amount of waste generated, and to ensure that wastes are managed in an environmentally sound manner.” The basic tenet of this regulation is a “cradle-to-grave” tracking system, meaning that hazardous waste generators (users of hazardous materials who generate hazardous waste) must track waste from the moment it enters the site as a hazardous material to the eventual treatment or disposal of that material. This regulation requires hazardous waste generators to bear the responsibility of dealing with hazardous materials in a responsible way. Interesting to note is that the responsibility of hazardous waste may go beyond the grave, making the waste generator responsible for the waste handler’s actions. Thus, if the handler does a poor job and pollutes the environment, the generator will be (in part) responsible for cleanup.

* Some waste hauler’s claim to cover your cradle-to-grave responsibility when the fact is they can’t, cover your liability. The EPA, DNR and other environmental companies will come straight to you as the waste generator. If your waste hauler tells you they cover your liability, ask them why they still need to put your name and information on every barrel they haul.

You Could Be Next The Next Victim!

Parts Cleaning has changed over the years. There is abosultely no reason for our family and friends to risk their health with solvent based parts cleaning anymore! Water based parts cleaning is SAFE and it WORKS!

Numerous reports of over exposure to solvents resulting in dizziness, headaches, nausea, respiratory problems, skin irritation, cancer, and Even DEATH have been reported. Any current or past employee of a business has the right to inspect records that relate to the employees health in the work place. A well informed employee is prepared to maintain a safe and healthy work place.

Let start right now by educating our family and friends about the dangers of solvents in the work place, water based cleaning is the safe and healthy alternative for OUR employees everyday.

Solvent and your employees

Do you value life? Do you value your quality of life? Do you value the lives Of your employees? Let’s face it, without the hard work and dedication Of your employees you wouldn’t be in business for very long. So why is it that you Don’t care what happens to your employees? I hope you take offense to these assuming questions, because I take offense at the thousands of business owners that let there valued employee’s to continue bathing in solvents every single day just so you can make your money.

The worst part is that You know that there ARE alternatives to these hazerdous chemicals that your employees are using to clean their parts. It may be more cost effective to buy some solvent at the local Auto parts store and put it in your waste oil burner when it gets dirty, but what Happens when one of your employees gets diagnosed with a solvent related sickness and basically sues you on grounds of negligence because you did nothing to get rid of the solvents? Or, if you’re the type of person that has safety kleen come to dispose of your used solvent and on the way the safety kleen truck gets into an accident and you're sued for generating that hazardous waste due to cradle to the grave liability?

There are choices out there, it is a free country, and you not only have the right but also the responsibility to explore alternatives to the solvent that you are exposing your valued employees to every single day they so religiously show up to your door in order to keep you and your family in the quality Of life you are used to.

We at Renegade stand behind our parts washers 100%. Our goal is to help those looking for a way out of hazardous solvents to a water based unit that really works. The Renegade REALLY WORKS!! The Renegade team is here to answer any and all questions that you may have and to assist you with your parts washer needs.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Parts Washer Health And Safety Information Library

Need information about parts washer health and safety?

Renegade parts washers has the largest online health and safety library available. Our health and safety library is constantly updated with the parts washer information that you need to stay safe in the workplace.

view our health and safety library here:

How Cleaning Your Parts Washer Can Save You Time and Money

We all know that the manufacturing industry is being hard hit by the current economic downturn. This is why manufacturers need to lean out all their processes and parts cleaning is an essential step in that process. Industries like automotive, agricultural, material handling & heavy equipment, aerospace, hydraulics & pneumatics, machined & formed parts, medical & pharmaceutical and remanufacturing rely on parts cleaning production to remove oils, grease, chemicals, burrs, dirt, shavings and particulates. From equipment selection through preventative maintenance procedures, manufacturers need to be educated on the most beneficial parts cleaning techniques for their particular needs. Renegade parts washers customer service can provide you with everything you need to know in order to properly clean your dirty parts at a competative price. Get the parts cleaning job done correctly and save your company time, money and health issues by utilizing water based parts washers from Renegade. We feature parts washers for any type of application along with custom parts washers for specialized washer applications.

Spend a few moments with our knowledgeable customer support staff, and let us show you how to impact your bottom line with a Renegade parts washers.


Friday, July 30, 2010

Parts Washers, and Parts Washer Supplies

If you're looking for the best in parts washers and parts washer supplies look no farther than Renegade parts Washers. Quality Products, and the ultimate in customer service and support makes us the #1 choice for water based parts washers.

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