Thursday, June 30, 2011

Our New FL 9000 2633 Front Load Parts Washer

A front load parts washer that's built to take whatever you throw at it. That describes our new FL 9000 2633 parts washer to a tee!

Check out the features!
• 26" Turntable
• 33" Working Height
• 3 hp 1ph Vertical Seal less Pump
• Heavy Duty 11 gauge steel
• Low Water Alarm
• Automatic Low Level Shut Down
• Oil Skimmer
• 7-Day Timer Heat / Skimmer
• Safety Door Switch
• Load Large Parts With Ease
• Maximum Load Capacity 1500lbs
• Door mounted turntable for 100% crane access
• Seal less Door
• Chain Drive Turntable
• 75 gal sump capacity

Overall Parts Washer Size and Weight:
• Height - 73.5 inches
• Width - 57.25 inches
• Depth - 51 inches
• Shipping Weight - 1245 lbs

Check it out on our website at:


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