Thursday, August 12, 2010

Solvent and your employees

Do you value life? Do you value your quality of life? Do you value the lives Of your employees? Let’s face it, without the hard work and dedication Of your employees you wouldn’t be in business for very long. So why is it that you Don’t care what happens to your employees? I hope you take offense to these assuming questions, because I take offense at the thousands of business owners that let there valued employee’s to continue bathing in solvents every single day just so you can make your money.

The worst part is that You know that there ARE alternatives to these hazerdous chemicals that your employees are using to clean their parts. It may be more cost effective to buy some solvent at the local Auto parts store and put it in your waste oil burner when it gets dirty, but what Happens when one of your employees gets diagnosed with a solvent related sickness and basically sues you on grounds of negligence because you did nothing to get rid of the solvents? Or, if you’re the type of person that has safety kleen come to dispose of your used solvent and on the way the safety kleen truck gets into an accident and you're sued for generating that hazardous waste due to cradle to the grave liability?

There are choices out there, it is a free country, and you not only have the right but also the responsibility to explore alternatives to the solvent that you are exposing your valued employees to every single day they so religiously show up to your door in order to keep you and your family in the quality Of life you are used to.

We at Renegade stand behind our parts washers 100%. Our goal is to help those looking for a way out of hazardous solvents to a water based unit that really works. The Renegade REALLY WORKS!! The Renegade team is here to answer any and all questions that you may have and to assist you with your parts washer needs.

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